Generating the right reports to manage and grow your service business can seem impossible

Lots of job management software limit you with ordinary run-of-the-mill reports that can leave you second guessing. And, your team has zero bandwidth to design reports and compile the key data to generate accurate, live and intuitive business information.
What if the job management software you are using is only half of the picture?

What if the job management software you are using is only half of the picture?

Inaccurate reports get generated because you’re…

  • Manually exporting 1000’s of data points to spreadsheets.
  • Struggling to recall how to use lookups, pivot tables and formulas.
  • Losing your mind over wrong information and double ups.
  • Unable to access key data fields.

Nobody wants to look like a fool in-front of their business stakeholders.

Who wants to tell their stakeholders the job management reports are likely inaccurate because…

  • You can’t locate key information you know is in the system.
  • Risk of human error is undeniable
  • Team has zero bandwidth to find key data then learn how to report on it.

And without key data you won’t know which divisions, clients or team members are performing, under performing or not even on the radar.

Nobody wants to look like a fool in-front of their business stakeholders.

Your key data is there - it’s just hard to find if you’re not a job management software expert.

You can’t use ordinary run-of-the-mill reports that work for one business expecting it to work for you. It doesn’t work like that.

Using reports tailored to your business is the best way to measure, focus and improve areas inside your business.

With years of experience in job management software, we noticed businesses struggling to find and report accurate key data to make a difference to their bottomline.

We’ve helped businesses tailor their reports to measure key elements with a detailed focus and make real business improvements.
Game changing reports for your business.
Monitor live profitability by Job/Client/Business Unit over time

Game changing reports for your business.

API Integrations custom design reports you already know you need, making your report process quicker to run, share and easier to interpret the results.

Brainstorm to generate specific reports you thought were impossible through the limitations of your job management software.

Imagine having instant access to real-time data reports so you can:

  • Keep on top of business with daily and weekly information.
  • Drill down your reports to a specific division, worker and asset.
  • Delegate performance monitoring to divisional or general managers.

You get to replace all those ordinary run-of-the-mill reports with real-time focused reports to help you measure, focus and improve your business.

Here’s a peek at the common focus points API Integrations’ clients are using right now for their reports:

Standard reports.

  • True weekly profit vs budget reports.
  • Sales conversion rates or activity.
  • Profit by client, division, worker, manager, estimator, invoicer, worktype.
  • Implement focus on short term improvement initiatives 
  • Unproductive time.
  • Bonus calculations.
  • Invoice turnaround times.
  • Monitoring compliance.
Standard reports.
Display non-productive hours logged by workers and related costs to the business.

Service division reports.

  • Travel time per scheduler, division, employee.
  • Unproductive time, by division and employee.
  • Profit per worker per day.
  • Weekly team or asset utilisation. 
  • Call backs. 
  • Compliance.
Service division reports.
Monitor quotes conversion rate through time by Estimator and Business Unit.

Project division reports.

  • Actual vs budget hours.
  • Actual Vs budget material.
  • Actual vs predicted timeframes.
  • Current and predicted workloads vs staffing capacity.
  • Project manager performance.
  • Live job performance.
  • Project manager and worker bonus.
Project division reports.
Track gross profit with summary breakdown of key performance metrics for each Business Unit.

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