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Like we helped:

> Kombine commercial and industrial maintenance get their business in the best shape it has ever been

Increased gross profit by 6% in 6 months for True Blue Plumbing (high 7 figure business)

Determined where GB Electrical were losing opportunities for profit

>  Discovered key data a construction client didn’t know about in their system and now used every day

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Give your business the competitive edge

On-demand real time reports

Dashboards by API developed an add-on for leading job management software.

Sits right inside your software. No need to learn new software or technology.

Get your on-demand real time reports setup by our job management software experts.

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Systems integration

Use our tailored API integration solutions to integrate all your systems, without worrying about compatibility issues.

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API solutions will give your business a competitive edge and improve performance.

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Searched for years to find this level of business insight...

" The API team were great to work with and this level of business insight is something we have been trying to find for years, it has really enhanced the way we are able to use Aroflo and in truth it has changed the way we do business. "
True Blue Plumbing Managing Director

Wanted live reports. Without the drama of manual exports...

“We’ve been working with our live reports for about 6 months now. To be honest, the whole process has been easier and yielded better results than I expected."

"We've been able to get better insight into our wastage. And determine at a client level where we were losing opportunities for profit .”
Darren, Mgr/Director at GB Electrical Contractors

Our business is in the best shape it has ever been...

“ Our new dashboards contain information I didn’t know I could get and didn’t know I even needed. And I'm in control, making better informed decisions and the business is in the best shape it has ever been! "
Mykal, Director at Kombine

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